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Love honey? You will love this! Our manuka honey is the highest quality available and is the perfect way to get your daily dose of natural goodness. Perfect for breakfast or tea, manuka honey can be used in a wide range of dishes and recipes. A delicious addition to your daily routine.

Most people don’t realize that manuka honey has extraordinary healing power. In fact, the honey bees which pollinate Manuka plants (Leptospermum Scoparium), use a special enzyme in their saliva that allows them to break down and assimilate the nutrients in this amazing honey. This can have significant effects on your well-being, particularly when consumed daily!

Manuka honey is different from supermarket honey as it has a higher anti-microbial effect. This anti-microbial effect is naturally occurring in Manuka and its grades are represented by the numbers on the front of the jar.

Sourced only from New Zealand which is the best Manuka Honey for you? When it comes to Manuka honey, choosing the right one is key. Our low price and high quality make ours the best.

Low grade: Manuka honey is the 40MGO, this is Multifloral manuka honey its main flower is Manuka and contains some of the benefits that Manuka has become so famous for.

Medium grade: Manuka honey is 300MGO, this is the grade used in medical devices, bandages and creams used in hospitals to heal burns and wounds. Typically the medical devices are specialised creams that have been sterilised for skin use.

High grade: Manuka honey is our best-selling Manuka Honey is MGO 525 500g, this sizeable jar of Manuka honey is the perfect way to give your body a burst of energy while supporting your general wellbeing. 525MGO or NPA15+ is considered a high grade, as it is higher than the grade of Manuka used within bandages and other medical products in hospitals.

There have been articles about fake Manuka honey. Melora has always tested true to the label. Real Manuka Honey should be tested before it leaves New Zealand, it will be packed and labelled in New Zealand and adhere to New Zealand government guidelines. Manuka honey packed in other countries may not have been tested to the highest standard or not be true to label.

We guarantee that our manuka honey has the best active ingredients needed to support your wellbeing, the grade on the label will match the Manuka Honey in the jar. We also produce and pack our Manuka honey in New Zealand, so this adheres to the strict New Zealand government guidelines.

Our truly exceptional Manuka honey with its unique flavour is perfect for your family and daily use. Our customers also like to mix and match Manuka grades, typically using the lower grades for cooking, in dishes on porridge and the higher grades straight off the spoon. Usually, first thing in the morning before breakfast, to enjoy the luxurious taste and savour the benefits of Manuka Honey.

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