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Why do I have to purchase UMF™ graded Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka Honey comes from the Leptospermum Scoparium flower that is indigenous to New Zealand. Mānuka Honey is graded with an MGO and UMF™, there is a scientific correlation between the two.

UMF™ graded honey is the only honey that has been independently tested and audited. The UMF™ grade represents the signature compounds of the honey, which guarantees first-class quality and purity. The UMF™ affiliation additionally guarantees the Mānuka has been produced and packed in New Zealand, meets its label claim, guaranteed levels of MGO and meets the New Zealand authorities preferred for Mānuka Honey.

What does MGO mean and which number should I buy?

MGO stands for Methylglyoxal, that's the call of the chemical marker which offers Mānuka honey its antimicrobial activity. 

The numbers on Mānuka Honey may be confusing. 

Multifloral Mānuka Honey is extremely good for its flavour profile and use in cooking, as it is low in cost and still has the bold Mānuka flavour.

Multifloral Mānuka honey ranges from grades 30MGO to 100MGO.

Monofloral Mānuka Honey is used in medical studies and Medical creams, the grades for medical studies begin at 300MGO / UMF™ 10+.

100MGO / UMF™ 5+ - every day use.

300MGO / UMF™ 10+ - Soothing sore throats, facemasks for cleansing the skin.

525MGO / UMF™ 15+ - Higher grade and higher levels of MGO.

700MGO / UMF™ 18+ - Extra power MGO level – One of the most powerful Mānuka Honeys.

850MGO / UMF™ 20+ - Rare and High Strength  Mānuka Honey

Which is superior Mānuka honey or regular honey?

Regular honey is a great source of energy and has many outstanding properties, the distinction among normal honey and Mānuka honey is the presence of naturally occurring MGO Methylglyoxal, which measures the anti-microbial activity. Mānuka Honey can measure the extent of MGO and this stays stable for the duration of its shelf life, this is unique to Mānuka Honey.

Is Melora® Mānuka honey ethically and sustainably sourced?

Melora® share percentages of honey sales between Mānuka resources owners, beekeepers and the honey processing company. By using a fair share benchmark that is higher than the industry standard, we are able to continually support landowners to guard, protect and nurture Mānuka plants, leading to a sustainable future together. Our Ethical Honey Harvesting programme also sets out clear quality policies and procedures for all harvest and apiary operators working with us. The aim of this programme is to protect the bees and hives from risk of contamination, to protect the environment during harvesting and to keep our people safe through the process.

How do I know my Melora®Mānuka honey is genuine?

We are part of the UMFHA – our membership number is 2015 and may be located at the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association website.

Who is Melora®?

Melora® is proudly made and supplied by Global Mānuka UK Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand Mānuka Group.

Our company founder Phil Caskey and his wife and business partner Sharan Caskey are pioneers of New Zealand Mānuka industry. Phil co-created and registered the first Mānuka honey wound care dressing in the world, which helped introduce Mānuka honey to the world as an important and worthwhile resource for health.

All our products are made in New Zealand, specifically our Mānuka honey within our own factory to the highest production standards and audited by the UMFHATM(Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association).

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