Mānuka Honey 525+ MGO 250g

Mānuka Honey 525+ MGO 250g

High strength Manuka honey with unique health benefits from New Zealand's native Manuka flowers. Support when you need it most.

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Melora® Mānuka Honey MGO 525 / UMF15+. Our luxurious Mānuka Honey is produced and packed in New Zealand to ensure it meets the strict Mānuka Honey guidelines and 100% independently verified by the UMF Association for purity and potency and quality. Mānuka honey has many uses; from soothing a sore throat, supporting general health and wellbeing, enhancing beauty routines, to being a great way to add flavour to dish. MGO or otherwise known as Methylglyoxal, which is naturally present in the Mānuka bush and is used to measure the Mānuka's special properties, the higher the number, the more potent the honey.


Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Sheila Cashell
Excellent Honey

I’ve been buying Melora Manuka honey for a long time and find its quality and taste superior to many other brands. It’s also sold at a fair and affordable price. Well packaged and quick delivery. Excellent!

Susan Worsley
Pure Delight

Beautiful pure product.
The best honey available and I love it.

Fernanda Filippi
The best of all..

Absolutely divine taste, never tasted such an amazing honey before.
It can be truly called 'nectar of the gods'.
Highly recommended!

Gill Robinson
Great product

Really happy with quick delivery and the quality of this honey

Dennis Rance
Great Honey

Quite a different taste but very enjoyable, the only downside is the price, but even that is not so bad when compared only with other Manukau Honey sellers. The service I received overall was very good the Honey was well packed and arrived quickly.


Use Melora® Mānuka Honey to give yourself an extra bounce by making it part of your daily routine:

• Straight off the spoon.
• Enjoy in a soothing drink of hot lemon and honey.
• As a topping on your morning yogurt or porridge.
• Cook with Mānuka honey, enjoy cakes, biscuits.


Monofloral Manuka Honey


The Mānuka tree has a long history dating back to New Zealand’s first settlers, the indigenous Māori1. The Māori referred to this superplant as “taonga” or “treasure,” and prized it for its wide variety of uses.

In  1980 that the antimicrobial power of Mānuka honey was confirmed by biochemist Peter Molan.

Since then, Mānuka honey has steadily gained popularity and extensive research has been conducted regarding its range of health benefits.

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