Collection: Squeezable Flavoured Manuka Honey

Squeezy, Flavoured MGO 70 Mānuka Honey

Our everyday convenient squeezy Manuka Honey is great for everyday use.

Great for a new flavour experience:

  • Manuka
  • Manuka and Lemon
  • Manuka and Ginger
  • Manuka and Blueberry

They are perfect for the breakfast table, an easy squeeze over pancakes, granola, porridge or to sweeten your tea.

The bitter sweet Manuka alone is great, then combined with Lemon, Ginger or Blueberry is an amazing treat, along with Manuka honey’s famous antibacterial activity which is it so famous for, what more do you need?

The benefits of Manuka honey are widely reported, to ease sore throats, ease coughs. Support digestive wellbeing with a healthy diet and to promote good oral hygiene.

MGO 70 has been specifically formulated for an everyday low price Manuka honey. Our Manuka honey all comes from New Zealand, it is produced and packed in New Zealand to ensure the unique natural chemical markers are maintained.

  1. MGO

MGO appraises the antibacterial activity in natural markers found in Mānuka. By seeing the MGO mark on our label, you can be sure what you buy from us is authentic Mānuka honey, showing the strength of the antimicrobial activity.


  1. DHA

DHA measures the shelf life of Mānuka honey. To ensure the correct shelf life of Mānuka.



Leptosperin is a natural chemical marker only found in the nectar of the Mānuka flower. By measuring the Leptosperin you can be assured that you have authentic Manuka.


  1. HMF

HMF is another natural chemical marker called, hydroxymethyfurfural. This gives the assurance the Manuka is in the best condition and has not been stored or over heated, to ensure the Manuka has the unique properties it has become famous for.

We take great pride in our high-quality  Mānuka Honey, which is how we won gold in the International London honey 2022 Quality awards for our 525 Manuka Honey.

Our Manuka honey is sourced in the most sustainable and ethical way possible and we never compromise our standards. We believe the best quality honey is harvested by the beekeepers who respect the land, call it home and truly care for the bees, so we exclusively work with beekeepers who follow ethical practices and minimise environmental footprint. We also make sure economic benefits from our product sales are fairly returned to our landowner partners who share their precious Mānuka resource with us.


This ensures we all live a better, healthier life.