Top 4 ways to keep your skin hydrated during the Winter months

Top 4 ways to keep your skin hydrated during the Winter months

When the days get shorter, and the grey skies never seem to disappear, it’s easy to let your self care slip into a slump. We focus on keeping warm and forget to give our skin the tender care it deserves during the cold season. Here’s our four favourite ways to keep your skin hydrated this winter.  

Drink up

As winter draws closer, shops and offices start pumping up the central heating, which causes our skin to suffer and dry out. To keep your skin looking and feeling its best, make sure to stay on top of your water drinking habits. By working from the inside out, your largest organ will thank you!  

Eat your veggies

Comfort food is at its best during the winter, but make sure you’re packing your meals with plenty of vitamins. Remember, the darker the veggie, the more nutrient rich it is (kale, we’re looking at you!) Our diet has an enormous impact on the health of our skin, and keeping our diets full of goodness goes a long way in maintaining happy, hydrated and healthy skin. 

Soak it in

Nothing says ‘winter goals’ like a luxurious bath. Fill up your tub, and add a few large tablespoons of Manuka honey to the water. Pop a few drops of pure cinnamon, and clove essential oil and relax! The honey’s antimicrobial properties soothe dry and irritated skin, whilst working with the cinnamon to cleanse the skin. Partnered with clove oil, Mānuka honey also helps signs of aging and restores tired, dull skin. Stock up on your to-read books, and enjoy your peace and quiet in the bath.  

Nourish yourself

When your skin is fighting the drying factors such as sharp winds, and bitter cold, you’ve got to stay on top of your moisturising. Eating your greens is important, but so is giving your skin the help it needs from the outside. Mānuka honey’s soothing properties calm winter damaged skin, and Melora’s double action body lotion is a must have this winter. Stuffing our legs into tights and trousers day in and day out leaves them ignored (out of sight, out of mind, right?), so treat your pins to our favourite luxuriously smooth body lotion.

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