Stay well with Manuka honey lozenges

Stay well with Manuka honey lozenges

Its not easy to carry a jar of Manuka honey, especially when travelling.

Melora has formulated the perfect soothing lozenge, combined with zinc, and vitamin C, Manuka Lozenges pack all the goodness of Manuka honey in one lozenge - which can become a mainstay in your fitness routine.

Read to know the benefits of Manuka honey and how to use it.

What are the Benefits of Manuka Honey Lozenges

Manuka Lozenges have a high concentration of high-quality Manuka honey, giving it the following benefits.

  1. Natural Sweetness – With high grade 525 Manuka honey lozenges, you get access to natural sweetness. The strong bitter sweet taste and texture and the consistency give it the perfect taste. Also, the presence of natural sweetness has been reported to reduce some gingivitis-causing bacteria. Research also shows that gum inflammation is also reduced to a certain degree.
  2. High medical grade Manuka honey has many benefits - Getting a Manuka honey tablet with a high UMF rating  - has many health benefits.
  3. Slow energy release - Manuka honey has four times the mineral content than traditional honey. That allows for a slow release of energy and ensures you are energized to get through your day at all times.
  4. Combined with Zinc and Vitamin C / D supports the natural function of the immune system.
  5. Helps soothe your Sore Throat - Those with a sore throat can get the best help from natural remedies. And many prefer Manuka honey lozenges. Their antibacterial properties help curb throat irritation and provide long relief.

How to use Manuka honey lozenges?

Before leaving in the morning take your Manuka honey and then whilst you are on the go have Manuka lozenges.

Taking Manuka honey has become a whole lot easier. All you need to do is unwrap the candy and pop it down. Do not start chewing it, as its effects work best when you just let it sit in your mouth and let the saliva do the work.

Slowly and gradually, the Manuka honey tablet will start to break down, and all the discomfort you might have felt in your throat will disappear.

Our high-MGO rated Manuka Honey lozenges from Melora are a testament to this product's taste and health effectiveness. You will know more when you try it.

Manuka honey lozenges are a great way to stay well

If you want to consume Manuka honey in a way that doesn't have you do anything, check out Melora lab's Manuka honey lozenges. These little delectables will also help you stay well with their high concentration of Zinc and Vitamin C. Reach out to us for more details.

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