Make Halloween Healthier With Manuka Honey Treats

Make Halloween Healthier With Manuka Honey Treats

Trick or treating often comes with sugary delights. Mouth-watering and making it difficult for you to stop eating, these treats give your kids a rush. But soon after, there is a crash. What if there is a way to serve your kids sweet delights without the downsides that caloric heaviness of sugar brings? That's where you must look at Manuka honey.

Coming from the Manuka trees of New Zealand, this monofloral honey has been accepted by the scientific community as an aid in healing and dealing with cold - something that the coming of Halloween generally signals. So, this Halloween, make your kids delightful and healthy by giving them tasty Manuka honey treats that you can cook yourself.

Tasty Manuka Honey recipes for Halloween

It used to be that Halloween was only about candies. But as innovation takes hold and healthier options have started to enter the markets, you now have a variety of recipes to pick that are sweet, feel like candy, but have the health factor crank up to 11. However, two particular recipes fit the occasion best. Both are similar in many ways, but the time it takes to prepare them is wildly different.

Manuka Honey cinnamon roll-ups

These treats are reminiscent of Baklava. Hearty, soft, and amazingly tasty, honey cinnamon roll-ups are easy to cook.

Here is what you need

All you need are:

  • Two cups of toasted walnuts.
  • A quarter cup of sugar.
  • Two teaspoons of ground cinnamon.
  • Twelve sheets of frozen phyllo dough.
  • Half a cup of melted butter.

100 MGO Manuka honey will become part of the syrup, increasing half a cup of Manuka honey, half a cup of sugar, half a cup of water, and one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Here is how you cook it

Turn on your oven and start preheating it at 350 degrees. In the meantime, mix walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon together. Put 1 sheet of phyllo dough over waxed paper and brush the dough with butter. Place a second phyllo dough on top and brush it with another layer of butter.

Grab a handful from the walnut, sugar, and cinnamon mixture, and sprinkle them at the top of the dough. Start rolling the dough. Cut the rolls into four small rolls and transfer them to a baking dish. Do this for the remaining dough and bake for 14 to 16 minutes until it goes light brown.

Mix all the ingredients for the syrup in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Let it simmer for 5 minutes and cool for 10. Grab a spoon and drizzle the syrup over the cinnamon roll-ups.

Easy, efficient, and without much hassle. This is what we call soft candy. You can wrap each roll inside an edible wrapper to give it more of a candy-ed look.

Don't use it for trick or treat, though; they don't travel very well.

Manuka Honey baklava

Now that you have a taste of something "like" a Baklava, it's time to look at the real thing. Baklava is a Middle Eastern Wall nut pie, and like most Middle Eastern dishes, healthy is not something that will pop into your head when you see it.

Here is a Manuka Honey spin on it in an attempt to healthify it. It may not work as intended, but the taste will satisfy you.

Here is what you need

Get 400 grams of fine phyllo pastry. Make sure that it is thawed. 1 and a quarter cups of butter, 500 grams of walnuts (finely chopped), 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon, one cup of white sugar, quarter cup of water, half a cup of lemon juice, half a cup of 100 MGO Manuka honey, some pistachio nuts for garnish.

Here is how you cook it

Let the phyllo pastry thaw overnight inside the fridge. Take it out an hour before beginning the recipe. Trim it to fit the baking dish. Butter the bottom of the baking sheet and put the phyllo pastry layer you just trimmed over it.

Bring the saucepan to mild heat. Put 1 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, half a cup of honey, and a quarter cup of water inside. Let the boiling begin. Sugar will dissolve, and you'll have a translucent Manuka honey. Let it simmer for four minutes. Remove the saucepan from the stove and let it google.

Preheat your own to 165 degrees. Pulse grind walnuts and cinnamon together. You don't need them powdery - just finely chopped. Start putting the phyllo sheets inside the baking dish. You brush a layer of butter, then a phyllo sheet over it, and put the butter again before adding another phyllo sheet. Do it repeatedly until the sheet reaches the top of the baking dish. Once the "layer cake" is made, grab a knife and cut out the shapes. You can go with traditional triangles. But since it is Halloween, you can circle it to give it the shape of Jack O Lantern. Bake it at 165% degrees for 75 minutes. Take the dish out of the oven and put the Manuka honey syrup over it. And you're finished.

Both dishes have the same Manuka goodness

By all accounts, little is different between the two dishes. Both have Manuka honey goodness, and their recipes are similar. The difference, however, lies in texture. If you want to cook something for your kids last minute, honey cinnamon roll-ups are good. However, if you're organising a Halloween party for your kids, you need something more substantial - something they can sit back and enjoy. It is here that Manuka honey Baklava takes the cake.

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