Health Benefits Of Eating Manuka Honey In Pregnancy

Health Benefits Of Eating Manuka Honey In Pregnancy

There are many health benefits associated with New Zealand Manuka Honey but many women wonder if it is safe to consume during pregnancy, the simple answer is yes and has been confirmed to be perfectly safe to consume by the NHS in the UK.

Pregnancy has a tendency to put the body under a large amount of stress and can change many hormones within the body, as a result you need to get all the nutritional help that you can get and thankfully Manuka is a very nutrient dense item which contains many essential building blocks that your body requires to stay in optimal health.

Manuka Honey Can Help The Body During Pregnancy

Manuka is a safe and effective natural remedy that contains so many vitamins and minerals that can help the human body, and during pregnancy your body is in desperate need of additional nutrition to help sustain it, Manuka has many therapeutic properties that can help during pregnancy such as helping skin elasticity, reducing inflammation, keeping your skin hydrated and even helping with the appearance of stretch marks which are one of the most reported issues in pregnancy.

Many pregnant women are worried about the effects of anything that they consume due the fact that it may have an effect on the baby, well the great news is that Manuka honey is 100% natural and has been deemed as safe to consume by the NHS, this honey has a wide range of health benefits but it is also extremely rich in vital nutrients that your body requires during pregnancy so taking it on a morning time will leave you feeling revitalised.

Manuka is rich in Zinc, Potassium, B Vitamins, Iron, Phosphorus and many more, so consuming it is a great way to start your day off on the right foot and give your body the fuel it needs to keep both you and the baby as healthy as possible, since pregnancy can deplete the body of nutrients its wise to never ignore a craving as it is likely to be your body demanding more nutrients.


Manuka Honey Contains Methylglyoxal

Manuka contains a unique property called methylglyoxal or MGO for short, this health property is natural to Manuka. MGO has unique benefits that it may help to provide relief from common pregnancy health issues such as an upset digestive systemand its 100% natural.

There are many other additional benefits to consuming Manuka for pregnant women which include things like strengthening the immune system, an increase in energy levels, to ease a sore throat and cough, it is also useful for digestive issues such as heartburn and ulcers, it can even help to heal skin conditions that may flare up during pregnancy.

While many people could benefit from regular consumption of Manuka there are still some people who need to avoid it altogether, people with stomach disorders should avoid this honey, but you should also avoid it if you have diabetes or have allergies to bees or pollen grains.

Another health benefit of Manuka is that it contains essential amino acids which provides the building blocks to maintain muscle mass which are critical to keeping a high metabolism and also helps to keep you strong, this is essential during pregnancy when you may need to skip your usual exercise routine, amino acids also provide excellent nutrition for your baby.

Pregnancy provides a tremendous physical toll on your body so it is a critical time to take care of your health and wellbeing and your immune system also has to work so much harder to help protect you and your baby and may leave you at risk of more infections so taking in extra healthy foods and supplements is always a good idea, as with any new dietary or lifestyle changes it is always recommended you check with your doctor or nurse practitioner before you start.

Stretch marks are a huge issue during pregnancy, they are caused by carrying extra weight from the baby and are a common complaint, although common, many women will seek out a solution to help to prevent them as much as possible or help them to heal which is where Manuka can be a great help since it contains vitamins and minerals that helps to maintain the suppleness of the skin which can help reduce stretch marks and make them less visible.

Another issue many pregnant women face is a lowered immune system, this is due to the fact that pregnancy can make it difficult and uncomfortable to sleep and the amount of stress your body is placed under can lead to being worn out and left unable to fight off the usual infections, one of the most common infections can be Candiasis which is more commonly known as Thrush, this is normally kept in check by the immune system but when you are worn down it can allow the bad bacteria to run riot.

Manuka and Yogurt are a great combination to help to combat thrush issues in pregnant women and help to provide you great comfort and rebalance your good bacteria, this combination helps to provide both you and your growing baby with an abundance of essential nutrients and will enable you to battle back against infections that may come about as a result of a lowered immune system.

Another common complaint during pregnancy is skin irritation due to dry skin, Manuka can help with this as it has been shown to help keep the skin hydrated during pregnancy.


Manuka Honey Can Help With Digestive Issues

One of the most reported complaints during pregnancy is digestive issues, there are many reasons for this happening but typically these issues are more common in the later stages of pregnancy and are often caused by an enlarged uterus which can crowd the intestines due to swelling, this may cause uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, painful cramping and trapped wind, Manuka can assist with these problems as it contains Oligosaccharides which has a prebiotic effect and can help to boost the good bacteria to keep the gut in good condition and help to make digestion much smoother.

Another common health issue that is associated with pregnancy is lowered energy levels, this can be a result of lack of sleep, lack of comfort or lack of essential vitamins, since Manuka honey contains vitamins such as B vitamins and iron you can be sure that it will help to correct any deficiencies you may have picked up as a result of morning sickness or not getting enough sleep.

B vitamins help you to feel more energetic and give you some additional energy and iron can help increase red blood cells which carry oxygen and have been shown to reduce fatigue symptoms in many women who are often iron deficient.

Another benefit of Manuka consumption is the fact that it contains polyphenols which can be beneficial to reduce the risk of UTIs which are common in pregnancy, these are very painful infections and will often times require antibiotics which can upset your bodies natural balance of bacteria and lead to further problems, the polyphenols could be a solution to this health issue by ensuring that you try to prevent infections before they become a major issue some time in the future.

Morning sickness is a very large issue that is almost always a big problem during pregnancy, it may make you feel like not consuming any food or you may even need to vomit, this is a big problem as your body is already creating high demand for nutrients, thankfully Manuka can be used to start the day off right and can be blended with warm water or even as something to take along side your breakfast.

The most important thing to remember is that Manuka is not safe for babies under a year old due and may be unsuitable for you personally, you should always check with your doctor first, and you should also avoid this honey if you have blood sugar issues such as gestational diabetes and also always ensure that the honey you purchase is unpasteurised.


Safer alternative to sugar

While there may be certain issues for some people Manuka is a perfectly safe honey to consume for pregnant women and has been declared safe by the NHS, it is a much safer alternative than consuming sugar as many non-diabetic women have found that blood sugars can be high due to cravings and the stress of pregnancy, Manuka is a great way to treat cravings for sweets and sugar and is also is a slow released energy source so it can keep your energy up for much longer than other carb sources.

In summary, we can see that many pregnant women could receive countless benefits from taking it on a daily basis. Enjoy the benefits of manuka honey today and take advantage of our 3 for 2 offers on all Melora manuka honey.

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