Enjoy Manuka Honey On The Go With Our Handy Squeezy Bottle

Enjoy Manuka Honey On The Go With Our Handy Squeezy Bottle

Manuka Honey has been gaining popularity due to its health benefit. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nature has been the major cause, but its taste has also become a point of interest. The lightly-sweetened, earthy taste is delightful. People have been taking a spoonful of manuka honey and loving it, and some are using them on a variety of dishes.

But if you truly want to enjoy Manuka honey, you must be precise about how much you eat. “Too much of a good thing” is a thing, and even Manuka honey isn’t an exception to the rule. That is why a handy squeezy bottle of Manuka honey is something you need.

Available in four flavours; Natural Manuka, Blueberry and Manuka, Ginger and Manuka and Lemon and Manuka.

What is a Manuka Honey squeezy bottle?

What is the most prominent honey delivery system that moves the honey from your bottle to your mouth or the plate? People are OK with using a spoon. But the issue is viscosity. Although less sweet than traditional honey, Manuka Honey has a much thicker texture. Showing a spoon inside and getting the honey out sometime means you end up overdoing it. Think of a jar of peanut butter. As you move your spoon deep inside it, sometimes, you get more than you have bargained for. With Manuka Honey, however, it can be worse.

That is why a Manuka Honey Squeeze bottle is a much better option. You just open the lid, give the honey a good shake, and gently squeeze it.

You will see that just the right amount of honey starts flowing through that little opening. And it is extremely versatile, too, because of the following reasons.

It allows you to add the right amount of Manuka Honey to your recipes

Manuka honey inside a squeezy allows you to add the right amount of honey to all of the manuka honey recipes that you create at home. Whether you are using a chocolate shake, a protein salad, or sugar-free ice cream, if you want to add flavors according to your needs, you must have a squeeze bottle of Manuka Honey.

It ensures that your supply of Manuka Honey doesn’t go out fast

Even if a 70+ MGO Manuka honey by Melora can last you for the whole season, you need to get the squeeze to get the right amount. Using a spoon will be hard to quantify how much you need to pour into your recipes or the homemade remedies you want to cook.

If you aren’t careful, you will need another batch of Manuka honey quickly. So, a handy squeezy bottle of Manuka honey is better if you want to save money.

It prevents waste

Since you can properly quantify how much Manuka Honey you need to put on your recipes, there will be no waste. And ensuring that there is no waste anywhere when you use Manuka honey is always better.

Level up your standard recipes with a drizzle of squeezed Manuka Honey

If you want to make Manuka Honey part of your daily routine, we recommend a low-strength Manuka Honey squeeze bottle. Here are some recipes you can try out with Manuka honey.

Manuka Honey Boba Tea

Boba Tea has gotten a lot of attention as of late. The addition of honey-flavored chewable tapioca pearls is great. But what if you are looking for a less sweet version than your traditional boba tea? Something that gives that tea a more tea-like taste, perhaps.

Manuka Honey can help. Boil some water, and drop two cups of large tapioca pearls. Continue to boil for five minutes. Rinse out the water and drizzle some Manuka honey over the now-softened tapioca pearls. Add them to your milk tea, and you are done.

Honey Rub Pork Rips

Nothing beats pork ribs on a tropical day. And the honey rub pork rip recipe is simple. Place your pork ribs on a baking sheet, squeeze a small amount of Manuka honey into a glass bowl, add liquid smoke, and then coat the ribs with that liquid smoke and honey mixture.

Now begin preparing your spice rub. Once you are done, rub the spice over the pork ribs. Manuka honey will ensure that the spices cling to the pork ribs nicely. Now roast the pork over medium heat for three to 4 hours, and you are done.


Recently awarded silver award in the Food and Deli awards for our Manuka and Ginger squeezy.

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