Energising Juice with Mānuka Honey

Energising Juice with Mānuka Honey

As the seasons change, our bodies also undergo changes in rhythm with nature. 

Some of you might notice yourself becoming a little more tired than usual during the day, or you may feel a little bit under the weather with the shifts in temperature. 

It is perfectly normal to experience changes in our energy levels as your body takes a bit time to adjust to the new season.  To help carry us through the transition between seasons, it is important to listen to your body and to rest when you need. 

Now is also the time to support your body and nurture your energy through the nutrients and vitamins available through good quality, organic produce. 

This month we have a delicious, energising juice recipe that includes UMF™ Mānuka honey! 

The Energy Booster

2 cups kale

2 cups spinach

2 cups green grapes

1 large cucumber

1Tbsp UMF™ 5+ Mānuka Honey 

1. Prepare, chop and process all fruit and vegetables through a slow-juicer by preference

as this will retain the most nutrients in the juice. 

2. Stir to combine with a good tablespoon of UMF™ 5+ Mānuka honey to add rich flavour and

additional wellness benefits for your body.


Why is it the “Energy Booster”

This wellness-minded juice is the perfect nutrient-dense, mid-morning beverage that gives you a sustainable boost of energy during the day. You can also use it to strengthen your immune system when you feel a cold is coming on.  

So let’s take a closer look at the ingredients…

Kale - A well-known superfood rich in phytonutrients essential to good health. Plus the calcium and iron in kale are very easily accessed by the body compared to other greens. 

Green Grapes - Contain a small amount of iron along with Vitamin C which increases iron absorption. 

Cucumber Juice – For hydration and its skin provides Vitamin A. 

Spinach - For manganese which helps in the break-down of protein and carbohydrate during digestion and aids in bone and cartilage development. 

UMF™ Certified Mānuka Honey – Mānuka honey has renowned nourishing and soothing properties and benefits. 

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