Christmas Gift To Empower You With Health In 2024 - Manuka Honey

Christmas Gift To Empower You With Health In 2024 - Manuka Honey

Did you know that the effectiveness of Manuka honey has been cited in more than 504 papers? All of them are modern medicine journals!

These show that Manuka honey has transcended from being called a traditional remedy, even though it is traditional. Its origin goes as far back as the 16th century, but only in the 1980s scientists started to take it seriously. Which brings us back to now – the time when Christmas is approaching.

Since you will be expecting colds during Christmas time, and many of you will be hiding in beds, why not turn Manuka honey into a gift? Lightly sweet on the taste buds, this highly viscous version of honey is a Christmas gift that will empower you with health in 2024.

What makes Manuka honey the perfect gift

When Christmas arrives, you’re looking for unique gifts in the stores while scarfing on good sweet treats inside your homes. You can make your Christmas healthy with Manuka honey by blending these two together.

Since Manuka honey is sweet, it can be considered a good sweet substitute. Lower in sugar and higher in nutrients than regular honey, it will make a good gift if you’re considering making honey-baked ham and other sweet treats.

Why Manuka honey, though? There are too many sweet substitutes in the market already. The answer lies inside of what makes Manuka honey special.

Manuka honey is an antibacterial

Researchers have noted that Manuka honey has antibacterial effects. It was a given, considering methylglyoxal is one of its active ingredients.

Being antibacterial means it has the potential to push cold and cough away when used wisely with other medicines.

Manuka Honey is an Antioxidant

You age because your cells oxidise, and their regenerative powers run out. With antioxidants, you can prolong the period of these powers. Since Manuka honey is an antioxidant, it can give your life longevity. And there is no gift greater on Christmas than a gift of long life.

Manuka Honey is an anti-inflammatory

Your cough is often nascent during winter because your throat gets inflamed. The irritation that comes with it is due to the swollen air passages. Manuka honey is a good anti-inflammatory agent, helping bring relief to your strained throat.

With so many positive points, it is no wonder that Manuka honey is so sought after. But which ones do you pick for your needs? Let us dive into the question and find the best of this nature’s nectar.

Manuka Honey - Nature’s nectar Improving your health in more ways than one.

There are different styles of Manuka honey. While some take a monofloral – the pure – route, others have gone multifloral. However, both are good for you. Depending on who you are gifting to, here are the Christmas gift ideas for Manuka honey.

MGO 850+ Manuka honey – the highest antibacterial activity

If you know someone looking for a high-quality Manuka honey with close to the highest rating, the best one to pick is MGO 850+ Manuka honey.

This high-grade Manuka honey is what you need to tackle anything. It can be eaten – although in small portions – and can also be applied to your skin. It is a honey that’s good for your best friends.

MGO 300+ Manuka honey - for the health nuts

If you have a friend who is really into Health, MGO 300+ Manuka honey will do the trick. This honey is good for making any treat healthy. Its viscosity goes well with thick protein shakes. Over salads, it is a good substitute for a standard cream.

If your healthy friend wants to stick to their diet without worrying about their macros going on a bad ride, this honey is a good Christmas gift.

MGO 100+ Manuka honey - For food lovers

Do you have a chef friend who is always fiddling with the ingredients, trying to get the most out of the simplest ingredients? Give them MGO 100+ Manuka honey.

This Manuka honey will be their perfect companion on their journey to cook gingerbreads, eclairs, and other Christmas treats.

Homemade Manuka Honey Gifts

If you want the gift to have a more personal touch, you can try these:

  • A small customised jar of Manuka honey can take the shape of a gingerbread man.
  • Manuka honey homemade candies

There are other food items that you can use as gifts during Manuka honey.


Get the Right Honey to Get You Going

Not every Manuka honey is the same, and landing on the right one requires a lot of research. But yours stops here. Melora’s Manuka honey is ethically sourced, coming straight from the Manuka trees of New Zealand. Start wrapping this Christmas with the health that Manuka honey brings.


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