A 3 step skincare routine for clean and clear skin using Mānuka

A 3 step skincare routine for clean and clear skin using Mānuka

There are so many factors that can irritate and damage skin. No matter what the weather, it can feel as if you’re always fighting against it, and your skin is left the victim. The ultimate solution? Fight nature with nature.

Using incredible antimicrobial properties, and the natural soothing properties of Mānuka honey and Mānuka oil, this three step routine is the way forward for irritated, breakout prone skin.

Soothing properties of manuka honey 

Step 1: Double Action Face Wash

Cleansing with the power of Mānuka honey and the naturally derived oil from the Mānuka tree helps revitalise, cleanse and refresh problematic skin surface. Using a gentle, natural formula, the Melora Double Action Face Wash combines Mānuka’s natural bacteria fighting power, and its historic unique restorative properties to rid the skin surface of nasties whilst beginning the soothing process on irritated skin.


Step 2: Double Action Moisturiser

Restoring the skin’s moisture plays an important role in cell regeneration, and moisturising after cleansing is a must, especially for irritated skin. By using those same fantastic replenishing properties, the Melora Double Action Moisturiser uses Mānuka honey, and Mānuka oil to balance and nourish stressed skin.


Step 3: Double Action Blemish Stick

Dealing with breakouts is made infinitely better with a blemish stick at your side. Targeting troublesome spots with antimicrobial and natural soothing Mānuka honey and Mānuka oil is our third step in our go-to skincare routine for clean and clear skin. Being able to target blemishes using a concentrated formula helps fight existing breakouts, and the ones simmering just under the surface ready for an important day to make themselves known.

Bacteria fighting manuka honey  

It’s also worthwhile looking at fighting the issue from within, and considering your gut health and the impact it has on your skin. By introducing the immunity boosting by bacteria fighting Mānuka honey into your diet, you’ll give your skin the extra oomph it needs.

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