5 ways to add Mānuka Honey to your everyday routine

5 ways to add Mānuka Honey to your everyday routine

The relationship between man and honey dates back over 8000 years, and throughout history, civilisations have benefited from its medicinal properties. Romans used it to heal their wounds after battle, and the Egyptians incorporated the antibacterial miracle jelly into beauty regimes fit for Royalty (Cleopatra literally refused to go anywhere without her honey and milk bath soaks).

So to take a lesson from our ancestors, we’ve compiled a list of five magnificent ways to add Manuka honey into your every day routine.

Ways to add manuka honey into your everyday routine

1. The original cleanser

With its natural anti-microbial and hydrating properties, raw Mānuka honey works wonders as a cleanser. A single teaspoon massaged into the skin and washed away gently with warm water can help combat irritated, dry, and oily skin. Melora honey’s MGO rating of 525+ means its anti-microbial properties are at a medical grade, and perfect for removing the grit and grime that occurs from day to day exposure.


2. Coffee’s new best friend

Some like it bitter, some like it sweet. Whether you prefer one, or three teaspoons of sugar, picturing your coffee without sweetener isn’t a pleasant experience. But how about this; swapping out your sugar for the delicious, rich flavour of Mānuka Honey. Before granulated sugar, honey was the go to method of sweetening, and it makes the perfect cup of coffee that much better. Combining flavour with the natural health benefits of high MGO Manuka Honey, that kickstart to your morning just got one almighty boost.


3. The best kind of toothpaste

Here’s a little something to smile about; by adding a dollop of Mānuka honey to your yoghurt and granola every morning, you’re doing your teeth and gums a wonderful favour. The anti-microbial properties of the honey aren’t just a great addition to your skincare regime, but a regular consumption of honey protects your teeth too. The natural antibacterial helps defeat harmful oral bacteria, whilst protecting the good bacteria your mouth needs to stay healthy. See, told you, smiles all ‘round!


4. Putting your best foot forward

Cracked feet can really knock your confidence in the summer season, but healing, anti-microbial Mānuka honey can turn things right around for you. Applying high MGO Manuka honey to the cracked skin every evening for 45 minutes helps defeat the bacteria that causes our feet to dry and crack, whilst nourishing the damaged skin. We know it’s not the prettiest thing to talk about, but looking after your feet is incredibly important, and not just for vanity reasons. So grab yourself a glass of wine, and kick back and let the wonders of Mānuka honey give you a helping hand… or… foot?


5. The Summer Salad

However you like to dress them up, the potential of a fresh, summer salad, is endless. We like ours with a crunch of walnut, apple, and the sweet tang of a honey and mustard salad dressing. Whilst you’re packing goodness into your salad, sweeten up your dressing with a dollop of Mānuka honey.

Manuka honey has fantastic health benefits  

As one of the most versatile ingredients in anyone’s pantry, Mānuka honey’s health benefits can often be forgotten about in favour of its delicious flavour. Thankfully it’s so easy to add it into your daily routine, whether it be skincare or dietary, Melora’s 525+ MGO Manuka Honey is the perfect addition to your everyday rituals, whatever you use it for.

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